Interesting read for sure. It is food for thought of at the very least. I think many find that every days realizations, and or lessons — somehow always seem to trace back to something non-science based — and more, History, Tradition, and FAITH based. Be it faith in oneself, or a higher power or otherwise. It seems by faith, and that which is entwined in our mental notes from life — birth to now — we find ourselves continually revisiting fundamentals — learned during and throughout our upbringing. Sometimes simple common sense comparison, is ALL it takes to separate — and help us remember the differences and similarities — between, Science and CONSCIENCE….


Substitute teaching has taught me another lesson.  The school system I’m in is an alternative learning place. There are two teachers in every classroom.  So when I sub there’s an educational professional in there too.

A couple of weeks ago I was in with a science teacher named Pam Foster.  She had written a recommendation for one of the students to be on a robotics team.  One particular accolade intrigued me: “He is good at letting go of unsuccessful hypotheses.”

If I remember correctly, a hypothesis is an educated guess.  It’s a theory scientists come up with based on knowledge in their fields.  An experiment is performed to either validate or refute it. Science students are regularly given a scenario and instructed to offer a hypothesis.  For instance, if you drop a bowling ball and a baseball from a window three stories high, which will hit the ground first?  You…

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